Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hi My Name Is NPA And I'm A Polish Addict...

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I slipped up last night. And again today. I had a wee ebay splurge late last night buying 6 polishes (can't wait for these!!!!! 3 from the new Essie Braziliant Collection & 3 out of 4 in the yet to be released in NZ OPI Nice Stems Collection). Then while just 'having a browse' at the chemist I indulged in some rather expensive impulse purchases. I bought 3 OPIs & an Orly top coat. I am feeling sufficiently guilty though, rest assured.

The upside of this of course, is that I have new swatches for you! I bought the OPI Silver Shatter as well as the Navy Blue Shatter & Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection because it looks so cool under the Black Shatter. So here they are:
Navy Shatter (flash)

Navy Shatter (indoors)
Navy Shatter (thumb close up)

I'm not sure why I got the navy because every swatch of it I have seen shows it shatters really crappy - it's so thin looking (jelly like finish to start with and a tad see through) and cracks straight down in very thin brush stroke like lines :(. But for some perverse reason I got it anyway and sure enough I don't love it, haha, I knew I should have got the Blue Shatter (the turquoise which is sooooooo beautiful and bright looking was sold out :p ). I applied it pretty thinly ( and over the top of China Glaze Sci-Fi which is chrome like and pretty light/bright, therefore navy looks much lighter than I've seen it on other blogs) because when I had tried it thicker it didn't shatter properly. The only one I like is the thumb - the cracks are a bit chunkier. I think it might grow on me, maybe...

Silver Shatter over Mermaid's Tears (flash)

Close up

Silver Shatter is quite pretty. Much easier to wear than the other shatters because it is sparkly and light - not as overpowering and gothic like the Black Shatter. From a distance I'd guess it was just a foil-like top coat or something. I was quite surprised how dark the silver looks in the bottle compared to on the internet but the outcome was still the same. This had a much better formula than the Navy and Black Shatters (which get quite gluggy) thin in a good way and applied like a dream! I definitely recommend this the most out of all the shatters in my collection (CG Broken Hearted & Cracked Concrete, OPI Black & Navy, La Rosa Crackle White).

Teenage Dream - indoors/shade

 Teenage is cute with the pink tint, micro glitter & holographic chunkier glitter but I would not wear it all on its lonesome. I think it would be a great layering polish over pinks especially. It looks pretty awesome under Black Shatter though - see the pics below: LOVE IT!

Black Shatter over TD (indoor/shade)

Black Shatter over TD (sunlight)

So what do you think? Has anyone tried Turquoise Shatter yet? I think that will have to be my next purchase... once I pay the credit card bill that is!!!!!!

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