Monday, 13 June 2011

China Glaze Island Escape Collection for Summer 2011

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China Glaze released this a few months ago for US Summer. The colours are fairly standard summer brights but they have 4 with really fun shimmery, glass fleck finishes and two that are almost neon cremes - so PERFECT for summer beach mani and pedis.

I bought 3 of the 6: 108 degrees, senorita bonita (because I thought I'd end up wearing these two more often) and electric pineapple because it looked so interesting. The first two had really nice formulas and application was very easy but they are pretty sheer so at 3 coats I still had VNL - not that big of a deal from a distance but it bugs me still. The only VNL I can handle is when I'm wearing a pale/nude colour to begin with. Electric applied like most yellow creme polishes - difficulty! A wee bit gloopy, had trouble getting it even, after 3 coats though I managed to have only a bit of cuticle drag left and I was swatching in a hurry so if I'd been patient i'm sure it would have been perfect. They're all very fun colours though, I just wish I had gotten papaya punch too because the swatches I've seen of it since look awesome.

 108 degrees - indoor shot, it is a medium/dark pink jelly like glass fleck glitter, fantastic, hot, hot, hot! Definitely says summer to me. I thought it was a bit close to CG Ahoy! at first, but when I compared the bottles Ahoy! leans red and the shimmer/glitter is different
 flash - I couldn't catch the gorgeousness of this colour with my camera so you'll just have to trust me that it is more impressive in person
 I was a bit bored by the time I swatched 108 and it was the last one I had to do before bed so I tried using silver glitter (LA Colors Color Craze Sparkling Diamonds - awesome small and large silver glitter pieces in clear base) as an accent on the ring finger and then put Essie Matte About You top coat on. I quite like the effect!

Senorita Bonita Is a favourite because I don't have any purple polishes like it. Similar finish to 108, just gorgeous!

Electric Pineapple is an almost neon yellow chartreuse green creme. Very unique, looks quite hideous on me but I think I'll be wearing it anyway!!! Can't wait til next summer I tell ya!  Very hard to capture the true colour again, this makes it look too much like OPI Fiercly Fiona but thats duller and pulls more yellow. Anyway ultra fun.

So what do you think? Will you be rushing out to get them? Cha cha cha and blue iguana do look gorgeous too, I just couldn't justify yet another blue or green when I knew I wouldn't be wearing them for months. I'll prob get my hands on the rest eventually though so don't worry... my sickness still has its hold on me

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