Monday, 27 June 2011

From Outer Space - Color Club Starry Temptress Collection

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Hiya! Hope your weekends were lovely. Pooz weather here :( Saw Barney's Version last night, laughed and cried a bit. Anything about divorces makes me sad though, especially when cheating is involved, is that something kids from families where parents divorced once the kids left home have in common? That sentence was kind of terribly put but ho hum. I'm sure you'll 'decode' it if it's important to you.

Soooooo Starry Temptress: I have 3 of the polishes Wink, Wink, Twinkle, You Got Soul-Ar, and Space Case.
I quite like all the base colours but I think Space Case is my favourite because its formula is a bright yet light pink creme that also kinda has a shimmer and almost frosty finish plus all the glitter that the others contain. The other two are just plain neon finishes with glitter. What is a bit different about these is that the glitter isn't all that glittery. Some bloggers were a bit disappointed but I kind of like it. Some of the glitter does sparkle but most of it just sort of lies there like in China Glaze Mummy May I? or Barielle Falling Star, makes the finish gritty so you need thick top coat like Seche Vite or OPI Rapidry. Without further ado here are the swatches. Remember to click on photos for enlarged shot.

Wink Wink Twinkle indoors

Wink Wink Twinkle flash
 WWT is a really cool colour but the formula kinda sucks. It's thick and gloopy while at the same time giving only light coverage. This was 2 or 3 thick coats and VNL is obvious in light. I added some thinner when I put this on the other day but it didn't really help the application.
You Got Soul-Ar indoors
 YGS is great bright neon orange and because it is neon it photographed terribly on my camera so the flash shot wasn't worth uploading!!!! Same issue with application as WWT but the colour is awesome for summer and it is a little more opaque.
Space Case indoors

Space Case flash (click for closeup of shimmer)
Isn't Space Case pretty? Very girly but definitely the star of the set and though the formula was thicker than i'd have liked it was very opaque so 2 coats was plenty. Also it applied way more evenly than the other two.

To sum up I'd say Space Case is the only 'must buy' of the set - not that I've tried the other 3 (lime green, blue & a darker pink as well as a glittery top coat the namesake of the collection). I think it's the only one with a different finish too. Check them out though because they retail for NZ$8.00 (don't quote me) and I can pick them up for US$2.50-3 plus shipping on the web - which is fine for a polish of CC's quality.

Till next time xx npa

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