Monday, 13 June 2011


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Sorry I've been incommunicado! I've had some internet issues so i have been gone for a wee while sorry - turns out someone has been on this page in the past month (unless it includes when I view it in which case im still blogging to myself ,still i feel that's a little better than talking to myself).

Anyways I've had some polishes arrive lately and in my shipments there's the 3 pretty colours from Pirates!!!!! So the rest will be pic heavy yay!

First, Sparrow Me the Drama - beautiful (even mum was keen on it! a huge achievement btw) dusky kind of greyed pink creme. Looks a bit like splash of grenadine but dirty. Goes on wonderfully but i needed 3 coats to get it all even, has a kind of thinness issue like the cremes from the Texas collection so at 2 coats the coat mishaps are still visible (i have an issue with the first coat being even (especially when atop a clear base coat or nail treatment). I think if you're a good polisher you could get away with just 2 coats.

 indoor no flash - looks most like this in real life

indoor with flash

Mermaid's Tears - greyed/dusky sea foam/ pastel jade creme same application as Sparrow - it got mums approval too- wow!
 indoor no flash

indoor low lighting - this and above are truer to colour
indoor flash

And Planks A Lot! pretty greyish purple... im not sure how else to describe it, maybe a dusky grey lavender? same application as the other two - surprise, again mummy like! Which is pretty amazing since she really only likes my sheers and reds/pinks (just for her toes though, sigh)
 planks indoor (sorry couldn't manage to avoid the reflection of myself, nts: must learn how to take good pics)
planks with flash

So very very pretty - i have 3 swatches for the shrek collection coming up for you too!!!!!! such fun colours y'all.

xx nail polish anon

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