Friday, 17 May 2013

Picture Polish Orbit Swatch & Review

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It's Friday!!! Thank you baby Jesus, I'm exhausted, figuratively dead on my feet!

Ever wake up absolutely zonked and just never recover? I don't know if it's the flu jab I had yesterday, lack of sleep or what, but me sleepy sleep. Me closing my eyes in the Friday afternoon rainy traffic in Auckland. That's pretty bad, so early to bed tonight and I might just take a certain white, furry boy to bed instead of a hottie bottie too! Charlie looks sleepy too :)

I've got another gorgeous piCture pOlish to show you today. Orbit is part of the Mesh range. Something tells me you're gonna love it!

piCture pOlish Orbit

Orbit is a dark blue that leans slightly indigo with tons of silver square/hex glitter. The formula and pigmentation are AMAZING! You can get away with one thick coat. but I applied two thin ones, plus Seche Vite.

Wowza, right?!

piCture pOlish is available on their website (which lists their international re-sellers) and here's all their social media pages too.

pOlish On-line Store     Facebook     Twitter     Pinterest     Instagram

You all take care while I catch some zzzzzzzzs.



  1. Loving that macro shot of the nail! You can see the depth so well in it. Could look at it for ages!

  2. Wow, this is a very unique polish! Great swatches :)


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