Sunday, 19 May 2013

Takko Lacquer Winter Collection 2012

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Hello my lovelies,

I'm enjoying cuddles in bed with two furry white boys! They're keeping me warm in lieu of an actual human male on this rainy Sunday! The downside? They don't understand the whole personal 'bubble' boundary thing. Buster is tucked up leaning on my right side and Charlie is in my lap with his head resting on my right arm and he refuses to move it!!! Typing isn't the easiest and my arms starting to go numb, but his real mummy (my mum) is away for a whole month so I feel bad for him. Damn my feminine need to indulge him!!

I have been meaning to post these Takko Lacquers since January! Sheryl released these in November/December (I think) last year.

Takko Lacquer Va-Va-Voom

Va-Va-Voom is a russet red - orange duochrome with a soft scattered holographic sparkle. It photographs a little more orange than it is, but it i definitely not a red red! The application and formula was great, I needed just two coats for full coverage. I'm not sure I'm sold on the colour though...

Takko Lacquer We're All Mad Here

We're All Mad Here is a deep royal blue jelly with ultra fine red shimmer (it might actually be red-green colour morphing powder) that glows, and blue/green/aqua flakies that sparkle like fish in the sea!!!
It's gobsmackingly beautiful, with a dream application. My tips were visible in the photos but not in person, after 2 coats.

I loved how amazing the red shimmer looked with the blue, so I added a flakie with red on top of WAMH

Finger Paints Asylum over Takko Lacquer WAMH

 Holy S*** it looks even more incredible with Asylum on top, right?!!! I love love love the red/pink flakes it introduces :)

Takko has its own website now and is restocking on May 22, so mark your calendars now.
There are a couple of links to international distributors on the shop site too.

Are you as mesmerized by WAMH as me?
Tell me in the comments!


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