Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Red & Gold: KKCentreHK 4mm square gold stud review

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Ok, what do you do when an adorable little, white, soft and clean smelling dog is sprawled out on your bed sleeping at 10:30pm? I don't want him to spend the night on my bed because he was hell to crate train and I can't play favourites while the other dog is in his crate all night! But I don't want to wake him up, put him on the cold wet grass outside for a pee and then shove him in his cold crate! 
How hard is it for parents to be consistent with their kids?!!

Ooohhh, looks like he's stretching, now's my chance!

I'm back, poor Charlie's in bed. He gave me his puppy eye look, followed by his withering stare. Boy knows how to make me feel both guilty and anxious!!!

Today I've got a review of some square studs from KKCenterHK. I did some really basic nail art (hangs head in shame) because I couldn't think of anything else to do. They look great on the sparkly, red Chyna.

KKCenterHk 4mm square gold studs Zoya Chyna

These studs are great. Only, they're too big for my nails. Why aren't my nail beds wider?????
I could probably manage a 3mm stud but 4mm is just too wide for every nail besides my thumb. The curve of my nails = sharp edges don't make contact with my nail and end up as a hazard. I was scared they'd catch on something and be pulled off my nails.

Of course, if your nails are a bit bigger than mine (and some length would help too), you'll be able to rock these. The gold is very yellow so it'll pop with darker skin tones - I might need to break these out next summer!!!
You get a decent amount for US$5.28 (approx. 50 studs).

KKCenterHK have kindly offered my readers a 10% discount coupon valid through to January 2014.

The discount code and link is always on my left hand sidebar too.

Have you bought any nail art supplies lately? Where do you usually buy from and what goodies are you using to create kick ass manicures?


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