Monday, 6 May 2013

Piper Polish overload!

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(L-R) Orange'ya Glad It's Spring?, Temptress, Fusion, Dark Star, Teenage Wasteland, Perfect Addition, Iron Maiden
I have a total of seven polishes from Piper Polish Co. to show you today. Most of these are new or soon to be released by Erin, the woman behind Piper!
I've blogged about Piper Polish in the past, but for those of you who are new to the brand, here is a little blurb from Erin herself,
" I have always been obsessed with nail polish but never was able to find colors that I really loved. I would always think up things I would add or mix to make them "different". I started experimenting with my loose shadows, powders etc. and was amazed that I could actually make something that was pretty close to nail polish!!! Once I found the proper ingredients, that was it, I was hooked. In order to support my obsession, I decided to try to sell my creations. After all, I only have 10 fingers and 10 toes and my wallet is unfortunately not bottomless. Fast forward a year and here I am! I still love thinking up new creations and trying to crack the code on old favorites. What I love most of all is the interaction with my customers. I just love how open, friendly and welcoming everyone I have encountered has been so far."
Now, on to the polish.
Piper Polish Fusion
 Fusion is an upcoming release which Erin describes as a, blue, purple & pink flecked unexpected scattered/linear holo! I applied two mildly thick coats. The formula was great and I love all the colour shifting of the shimmers!
Piper Polish Perfect Addition over Revlon Royal
 Perfect Addition is a recent release with green - red shift shimmer in a sheer blue base with a hidden pop of holo.  I didn't manage to capture the green shimmer all that well, but you see it easily in person. I layered two coats over a dark royal blue jelly. The formula was very nice and easy to apply. Erin suggested layering it over black too, which you can see here.
Piper Polish Temptress over OPI Black Onyx
 Temptress is a hot pink - gold - green flecked duo chrome [sheer black based polish]. This is one of my favourites and a newly listed polish on Etsy. The formula was great and this was just one coat over a black crème. Those colour shifting flecks are packed! It's like instant galaxy nails.
Piper Polish Dark Star
 Dark Star is a smoky patina green/gold metallic flecked polish with a pop of scattered holo in the sun. It's not yet listed, so keep an eye out. This is very pretty and it took me some time to realise there was hidden holo in it, because I applied it at night. On a trip to the bathroom I was pleasantly surprised to find that under direct light, a scattered rainbow appeared! This was two-three coats.
Piper Polish Orange'ya Glad It's Spring?
 Orange'ya Glad It's Spring? is an apricot/orange shimmer with green micro-glitter/shimmer. Another new release from Piper Polish. Even though it really suits my skin tone, this one just looks a bit too old fashioned to me. Sort of what older women were wearing in the '90s? In saying that, it photographed rather favourably (on my computer monitor anyway). OGIS has a mildly thick formula and I needed to apply three-four coats for full coverage.
Piper Polish Teenage Wasteland

 Teenage Wasteland is a brownish/pinkish/copper polish with orange - green micro-glitters. It's also a scattered holo. I love, love, love this one; I just don't love the formula. This took four coats of fairly thick polish because it's not densely pigmented. I have a similar polish from Dandy Nails which has the same pitfall. It must have something to do with this particular shade. After top coat my nails were smooth but they still appeared somewhat bumpy which bummed me out a little.. (just like the Dandy Nails one!!). But again, I love the colour!!!

Piper Polish Iron Maiden over Cult Nails Let's Get Dirty

 Iron Maiden is a gun metal & silver glitter bomb. There's fine, small, medium and large hexes which create the perfect mix. Some of the glitter curls ever so slightly at the edge but lays flat on the nail. I thought it was a little plain at first, but once I layered two coats over Let's Get Dirty I came to appreciate the simplicity; it'll look great over anything! I love that gun metal!! One coat of Seche Vite should leave your nails glassy and smooth too.
Wow, that's a lot of polish for one post! What do you all think? Hopefully amongst these lacquers there's something for everyone.
My picks are Fusion, Iron Maiden and Dark Star.
Piper Polish is available on Etsy for US$4.99-5.99 (for 5mL) or US$7.50-10.75 for 15mL bottles, depending on the expense of ingredients.

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  1. Some of these are really pretty! I really like Fusion and Temptress.


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