Monday, 20 May 2013

Sation Holiday Golightly & Feliz Navi-doll

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Sation has been putting out some amazing lacquers since they rebranded last year.
I loved a couple of their Holiday Golightly 2012 Collection lacquers, but it took me some time to lay my hands on them. Let me tell you, they were well worth the wait!

 Sation Feliz Navi-doll

 Feliz Navi-doll is a super cute name and a semi-sheer white with silvery-white glass fleck shimmer. This is three thin coats. There's still some VNL going on, but it looks fine to me; semi-sheers are really growing on me at the moment! It can also be used as a layering polish, but I haven't tried that myself.

Sation Holiday Golightly

Holiday Golightly is the namesake of the collection. It is a Tiffany blue with white glass fleck shimmer. Compared to the other Tiffany blues around, HG is a wee bit muted, but all the more flattering for it. I adore the glass fleck!!! This is also 3 thin coats.

In my experience, the formula of Sation lacquers sits on the thicker side of the spectrum. And it's awesome! I never get cuticle flooding and combined with their flat, semi-wide brushes, allows for amazing application control. I didn't do any cuticle clean up for these swatches (and I always have to!!!), and as you can see there are only one or two slip ups, a good scrub could sort out.

Do you like it when cosmetic companies rebrand/revamp their lines?
Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love Sation polishes! Holiday Golightly is super pretty!


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