Sunday, 6 May 2012

Darling Diva Space Beetle - layering & Toxic Avenger comparison

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I've got some rough swatches of yesterday's Space Beetle layered of a few different base colours as per a reader request.

Here are the base colours L-R: ChG Holly-Day, Mode Glamazon, Depend 171, ChG Millennium

Now with a thick-ish coat of Space Beetle on top:

You can see in these shots complexity of the holo particles. The maker uses 3 different types of holo: coarse and fine grade spectra flair as well as fine grade glitter powder.

Here they are 1 by 1:

ChG Millennium

Depend 171

Mode Glamazon

ChG Holly-Day

So basically Spae Beetle is is a holo topcoat with a little bit of a pink/green duochrome to it. I'm not really sure if I like it layered... Maybe it's just a case of finding a colour combination I like.

Now here is the comparison to Toxic Avenger:

In the bottle you can TA is darker, seems to have more colours and stronger holo effect going on.

You have probably guessed but in these pics Space Beetle is on the index and ring finger, Toxic Avenger on middle and pinky.

In the photos - maybe just because they're under a lamp - Space Beetle gets a bit drained of colour, the pink is stronger. But TA is really different. Although the have the same general colour shift, this is 3 coats of SB vs 2 coats of TA and TA is more dense and darker.

Happily though, I discovered I quite like SB worn alone and 3-4 coats does give good coverage. I think with some playing around you could probably manage to find a base coat topped off with SB that looks similar to TA.

Actually here it is layered over black:

So a bit darker than TA but it's approaching it! Maybe a charcoal...

It's a pity I couldn't take these pics in sunlight :( But I hope they give you a better idea of what Space Beetle is like.



  1. Space Beetle is GORGEOUS!! I sooo want to get a bottle of it.

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous shade, and so versatile!

  3. Yessssssss! Thanks so much for this! I think it looks gorgeous over each and every color brings out a different side of the polish!


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