Sunday, 13 May 2012

Epic Layering - for a lazy polisher like me!

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A little background to my layering:

My nails have been a fright of late, due to the far too much swatching, peeling off my glitters (yikes!), and skipping the nail balm/cuticle oil routine. So I needed to keep them nails painted to strengthen them, and stop removing the lacquer every 5 seconds!

How did I manage to keep the same polish on for a full 3 days? By layering another polish on top every day!

Here's what they looked like step by step:
 Day 1:
The Dream Girl - 2 coats - white light

The Dream Girl - 2 coats - white light
 The Dream Girl from Spooky Bones - a brand I found on etsy - is a dark muted purple shimmer. In low light it looks a lot like the colour of pencil lead with a purple tinge. The shimmer is really pretty, as you can see in the (crappy) photos, it is green and pink and makes what could be a blah colour come alive!
I had a bit of cuticle drag probably because I didn't wait long enough between coats. I just left it like this because  knew I'd be layering it.

Moonbow over TDG - 1 coat - white light

Moonbow over TDG - 1 coat - macro

Next, I applied 1 thin coat of Specialita Hits Phenomena Moonbow on top and put on 1 layer of top coat. Moonbow is a colour shifting glitter top in a clear base. The colour shift is seriously gorgeous in this one! The dominant colour is the blue & green you can see in the centre of the nails and that shifts to purple & pink. But there is also some gold and orange visible at certain angles which just equals GORGEOUSNESS!

I didn't particularly like how sparse the glitter was, but it was getting late so I left it like that for the first day.

Day 2:
Moonbow over TDG - 2 coats - white light

Moonbow over TDG - 2 coats - white light

Moonbow over TDG - 2 coats - macro
 So, the next day I added another coat of Moonbow and was delighted with the results. It certainly looked better on the base with more glitter. I only regret not getting any photos showing the pink & purple colour shift better! It's a bit difficult to do using my lamp :( 

Can you guess what I did next?

Day 3:
1 coat Hefesto added to the mix
I added a holographic top coat of course!!! Specialita Hits Hefesto arrived a couple of weeks ago and I actually didn't touch it until this manicure. I think I must have been trying to preserve the tiny 6mL bottle it came in!!! And JAYSUS it looks amazing!!! From an average distance it really looked like a dark purple multichrome linear holographic. Then when I looked close I could see the individual glitters peaking through and all the colour shifting and rainbowness of it all blew my mind!

I really couldn't believe I hadn't done more layering in the past. I'm just seriously lazy. And I adhere to the 'take off the last thing you put on' rule when it comes to clothing, makeup and jewellery because whenever I add that 1 extra bit of pizazz to a mani it usually ends up ruining it! Not in this case though!!!!

Now here are a bigillion more pics for you to ogle!


 Crazy awesome, right?!

And here's a bottle shot

L-R: The Dream Girl, Moonbow, Hefesto

I've recently bought quite a few layering polishes (like colour morphing top coats) so I really ought to try out more combinations and share the results with you all.

BTW keeping my nails painted for 3 days straight really helped them so I'm going to try to keep on leaving manis on til they grow out and are stronger!



  1. Ooooohh awash this is just delicious! I have air glow on lol I might add a coat of Hefesto too! Will link back to your post of course :)

  2. This is pure genius! I love the look of good layering but I'm with you in that I always seem to ruin a perfectly good mani by adding something else to it. Maybe practice will eventually make perfect (or at least less ruined) :)

    1. love that i have someone to share my problem with!!!

  3. I love to layer. It's so much fun to see what you get! I have got to get some of those Phenomena polishes. Those colors are just amazing! And Hefesto has got to be one of my favorite polishes.ever. I LOVE how it looks over that glitter!!! A-MAZE-ING!!!

  4. Very awesome! I love how all the different polishes work with each other.

    I have that same issue with layering polish in hopes that it turns out fantastic but usually falls short. lol. You've got the right idea by just putting more on top of it! Hehe. :)

  5. Oh I love that hefesto! This is a cool way to keep a mani going! I think I need that moonbow!

  6. Moonbow looks amazing! I love it so much lol all three polishes go together so well :)


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