Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lynnderella Forget Me Not

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Hey guys,

Is this my first ever Lynnderella post?!

I got 7 Lynn's from Llarowe last month - yes April was a bit of a humongous haul month!!!  And one of them was Forget Me Not! It's also probably my favourite of the bunch, so, so, pretty and it really reminds me of the flower. It just so happens that Forget Me Nots are my favourite wild flower too!!!!

 I layered 1 coat over yesterday's featured polish Revlon Powder Puff. I thought the ice blue shimmer would compliment the periwinkle blue of FMN. And I WAS RIGHT!

Forget Me Not - 1 coat over Powder Puff - white light

Forget Me Not - 1 coat over Powder Puff - white light

Forget Me Not - 1 coat over Powder Puff - white light

Forget Me Not - macro

Forget Me Not is a beautiful periwinkle blue themed glitter polish. There are 3 sizes of periwinkle hex glitter as well as a smattering of opal-ish medium hex glitter (that looks yellow on a light base, but sparkles different colours over darker bases) and pink/purple fleck shimmer. It's all set in a clear base, so there are endless layering combinations to try!

It applied pretty well. I basically brushed 1 coat on, only dabbed a few bald areas. I topped it of with 1 coat of Seche Vite and Viola! Fantastisch und extrem schoen!!!!

I can't get enough of the gorgeous shimmer in the base! And it goes perfect with Powder Puff.

Do you have any layering recommendations for FMN?



  1. So pretty; great combination! Looks like I need to add Revlon Powder Puff to my collection. So jealous of your new Lynns!

  2. it looks amazing! I didn't know there were opal-yellow glitters in it!

  3. very beautiful! i wonder how it would look on yellow and white (odd combinations lol)

  4. This is an amazing combination! Nice job! Would love to see is over a deep purple.

  5. So pretty! Loving this mani! You have a great blog. I am a new follower :)


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