Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Spooky Bones Company - Green of Greece

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Hey everyone,

I've been uninspired and lazy of late when it comes to posting. I think it's just because the uni term is gearing towards exams so I'm busy with essays and stress is setting in...
Plus some family things are bothering me a bit. Divorced parents/families seem to be a lot more difficult to deal with, even though I'm an adult! So I'm a bit down and out but my nails have been sporting some pretty cool polishes lately!!!!

I haven't been taking photos because my blasted nails keep breaking; but I'm wearing Pahlish Sitting in a Tin Can today and ugly hands/nails be damned, I shall get a photo!

So, all things considered, tonight I thought I should put some effort in to this blog.

I bought Green of Greece from Spooky Bones on Etsy way back at the beginning of March. Actually that wasn't so long ago considering it's only the 24th of May, but it feels like forever ago!!!
I feel bad that I haven't really given any blog love to the Spooky Bones line, they just kept being put on the back burner in the 'untrieds' draw!!!

I really like this green, which I believe was inspired by the oxidation of copper - which seems to be used a heck of  lot on medieval buildings all over Europe - especially cathedrals and the like.

Green of Greece - 2 coats - white light

Green of Greece - 2 coats - white light

Green of Greece - 2 coats - macro

Green of Greece is a dirty mint/jade green creme base filled with micro glitter (mainly gold and silver I think, hard to tell) that gives it a sandy quality and then there is some sparse fine blue and purple glitter in there too. I really love the dirty, grainy almost messy look of GOG. It's completely one of a kind! It applied nicely too, I used 2 coats for even, opaque coverage.

I tried to find a glitter to layer on top of GOG and ended up using Bow to the Pharaoh from Dollish Polish

Bow to the Pharaoh over Green of Greece - white light

Bow to the Pharaoh over Green of Greece - white light

I think this is 1 coat of BTTP. It's cute but I think it would have looked better over a blue. It kind of tinted GOG a little yellow in a bad way!!!

What do you think?
Would you like to see more from Spooky Bones?



  1. This is a very pretty combo. I love the base

  2. I like it. I have BTTP, but the base is new to me. Great looking. Good luck on your exams!

  3. I am loving this green. I'm gonna head over and see what else spooky bones has in store! Sorry life has been sucky for you! Hope things are getting better!

  4. GOG is super pretty. I love the blue/purple glitter in there too! Hope you're doing ok! I feel your exam stresses! But just think, it will all be over for a few weeks soon!! :)
    PS you're nails are totally looking fine!!


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