Thursday, 3 May 2012

Specialita Hits Phenomena - Air Glow

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Hey guys,

Had a pleasing response to the blog sale so far, thanks! There's still heaps of polish left though, so you might want to wander over to the Blog SALE page and pick up a bargain.

Been busy today running errands, hanging with Lisa, uni and packing up posting off some polish. I only sent 4 parcels at the PO today, but I have serious respect for all the etsy sellers now! What a drawn out process, queuing and weighing and the PO lady (who was rocking a pink with black shatter mani, pretty awesome for a lady pushing 50!!) mixed something up and had to get a password from someone else and then i'd forgotten the customs forms. I'm not sure I could handle that part of an indie business! It got me out and about though, on a very warm summery day.
Christ, last night was horrendous though, talk about freezing to death! At least there was some snow in the mountains though . Otherwise, the cold isn't worth it, I'd rather pack up and head back to Auckland, warmer, wet Auckland where my puppies can keep me from freezing!

Okay, so I had to pick up the Hits Phenomena colour shifting/multichrome glitters as soon as Llarowe got them in. Silly me, didn't realise how similar all these glitter top coats on the market are and ended up buying 5, all within a couple of weeks! Still they're all a little bit different.

Hits Phenomena come in 4 different shades: After Glow, Airglow, Borealis & Moonbow (which is still on it's way).

Airglow is the only one I've photographed so far. The glitter shifts from gold-orange-purple-plum/brown.  Here is one coat over OPI Fondue of You - a plummy brown shimmer from the OPI Francais collection.

white light



I really love how the edges of the nail are coppery while the middle is purple, it's eye catching no matter what your nails are up to!

The coverage is pretty great for one coat! Once I show you all of the Phenomena I'll do some comparisons with Pretty & Polished Wine Night Out and Picture Polish Maskerade.



  1. it's really pretty! I didn't buy any of this collection because I thought there were too similar to Ozotic Elytra but they are gorgeous!
    and love Fondue of You (the name is TOO cute!!)

    1. yeah they're all supposed to be dupes except there's an extra one, maybe Borealis that's green/gold? I was never willing to shell out on the Ozotics - $17.50 for a top coat was so not worth it!!! Funnily enough i got PP Maskerade though, doh! I got FoY for the name, myself!!! Mmmm chocolate fondue would be so good right now!


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