Thursday, 6 February 2014

COLOUR for a CAUSE - Ovarian Cancer Australia - February 2014

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*Press Sample*

Paint your nails TEAL for FEBRUARY to show your SUPPORT for OVARIAN CANCER AUSTRALIA

"To help Aussies show their support, Chemmart® Pharmacies across Australia will be stocking a limited edition teal nail polish pack, ‘Colour for a Cause’, throughout Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (February). Proceeds will go to OCA to assist in the delivery of its awareness, support, advocacy and research programs."

I was asked to do some nail art using the teal and white DB lacquer pack to help launch their social media campaign #colourforacause . These polish packs will be available from February 6 at your local Chemmart Pharmacy.  

"Throughout February, selected Chemmart® Pharmacies will also offer in-store manicures where nail polish fiends can have their digits done in return for a gold coin donation, which will be passed directly onto OCA."

Designer Brands Quick Colour Polish Teal

Teal is a quick drying teal green - not quite as blue as the official OCA teal but close enough. It claims to dry in 30 seconds and though I didn't test this out, I noticed that it did dry quickly - so much so that I actually had a few issues using it for my nail art as it got thick and sticky if I didn't paint or dot fast enough once it was out of the bottle!
Two medium coats gives an opaque and shiny finish. You could get away with wearing this without top coat if you're in a hurry, it's that shiny. I does stain a bit though - mainly around the cuticle so remove the polish carefully or you'll have blueish looking fingers!!! I doubled up on base coat as a matter of course for green and blues and had no issues with staining of my nail plate.

The white is very thick but manageable and needs a second coat to even it out, I didn't get any swatches of it by itself because a plain white isn't that exciting but it was a quick dryer!

These two polishes are pretty versatile and I came up with lots of manis, so I challenge you to wear teal all month long!

OCA Symbol

Ruffian Manicure

Polka Dots

Stamped Roses - Mo You London plate Tourist Collection 07 

Sponged Gradient & Ribbon glitter accent

Silver Rhinestones - OCA

Are your tips and/or toes sporting teal too?
I hope you all get behind Ovarian Cancer Awareness this month ladies - even if you sport a little teal ribbon on one nail - people will notice it and ask you what it's for!!



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Michaela! It’s really amazing how something as simple as wearing a certain color can show compassion to those who are suffering from this gynecological condition.

    Allison Perris


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