Friday, 14 September 2012

Sample Bar has landed! KIWI SPECIFIC POST

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Where my NZ ladies at?

I am so excited that we finally have a beauty subscription service launching on NZ soil!

It's called Sample Bar. And after seeing monthly Glossy Box and Birch Box posts I'm so happy that we will be getting a chance to try SB out!

They're calling it Glam Pack by Sample Bar - which includes 5 luxury samples each month for $25.
There are limited places (according to their facebook page, 400) on their wait list for the launch so head to Sample Bar ASAP!

Where are a few subscription options from 3-12 months with lump sum payment but you don't get a discount so why not go for the monthly payment option, unless you're gifting the subscription to someone?

Sample Bar also plans to have an online store where you can purchase the full sized beauty products you liked from your Glam Pack.

Who else is clicking their heels with glee?!!!!

For more information check out the Sample Bar website or Facebook page



  1. I am!!! Though $25 ? I haven't checked it yet...gotta get to work but they better be good size samples for that price :)

    1. on't worry they aren't strictly sample size only - like one of the products in the first box will be a model co lash curler (a heat wand thing i think). I'm guessing they'll be a mix like in the other subscription companies.

  2. Eeek so excited! I am so glad you posted this, I've been drooling over int'l sample boxes for so long....


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