Monday, 10 September 2012

Crows Toes Bunny Slope/Angel Paint & Orly Pixie Dust

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Hello ladies,

I had a lovely day at work! The kids were almost well behaved and I managed to while away the hours by supervising them outside and then playing some Uno! I also got to help them make skyscraper book marks and watched Matilda!!!!!! The best Roald Dahl movie adaptation ever!
Who can honestly say that Trunchbull doesn't scare the be-jesus out of them?!!!!
I forgot how good Danny Devito is in it too :)

I just looked up Mara Wilson (Matilda) and it turns out that she won't be making a comeback to the big screen any time soon. What a pity! She doesn't like making films - well not mainstream blockbusters anyway - but I think she's still doing theatre. Something tells me that she'd be good in a Juno type roll.

I have recently got my hands on lots of the Crows Toes range (thanks to a Sparkly friend) and have been experimenting with different layering combinations. I actually got this particular one from Llarowe, but it took a little time for me to try it out! Enjoy.

Crows Toes Bunny Slope/Angel Paint over Orly Pixie Dust


Bunny Slope is a mix of fine white (matte), opal (iridescent) and silver (holo) glitter in a clear base. It's so beautiful and delicate! I applied 1 coat over Pixie Dust and the coverage was excellent. I'd quite like to try it on its own.

Orly Pixie Dust


Pixie Dust was one of the earliest polishes I owned (once I started hoarding!). And it'll never get old! It's a blue grey with white flakie shimmer - freaking amazing - my favourite finish of all time. I can't remember if it's a 2 or 3 coater, but the formula is a wee bit thick, which me likey.

I'm edging closer and closer to the 35o follower mark and once I get there, I will be hosting a giveaway or two! This time it's set in stone. So get a friend or two to follow me through GFC and you'll be away laughing on a fast camel!



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