Friday, 28 September 2012

Cult Nails Untamed Collection - My Picks

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Ok, I so wanted Coco's collection as soon as I saw the promo shots, but I just couldn't afford!
So a couple months down the track, I have finally purchased 3 out of 5 lacquers and they have all impressed.

Cult Nails Spontaneous

Spontaneous is a dirty purple with fine matching glitter. It reminds me a little of Butter London No More Waity Katie in that the base can look a little patchy because the glitter is a little sparse and it does dry pretty nastily looking. But, once you get on a good layer of top coat (I used Glitter Tamer), it looks gorgeous!! It needs at least 2 coats.

Cult Nails Untamed

Untamed is the namesake of the collection. A warm, bubblegum-ish pink filled with fine iridescent glitter. It too dries a bit gritty like Spontaneous, but a layer of Glitter Tamer made it super shiny and smooth. I freaking adore Untamed! It's the perfect shade of pink for my skin tone. I think this was 2 coats, but you might prefer 3, as there's still a hint of VNL.

Cult Nails Annalicious

Annalicious  is the perfect shade of red with lots of gold fleck sparkle! It is amazingly opaque too, which I didn't expect. I did 2 coats for the sake of it, but I could easily have gotten away with just 1. I cannot stress how gorgeous Annalicious is.

I can't wait for Coco's next collection! Do you have any of these?
Cult Nails is available HERE


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  1. Must...have....Untamed. That is going on my wish list right now!


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