Saturday, 22 September 2012

Piper Polish Holos - Denim Daisy Dukes & Prismatic

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Hey guys,

I have some more Piper Polish holos for you all today!

I've really fallen in love with Erin's holos. They are just different from the others out there. They have awesome almost pearly shimmer, which I didn't think I'd be in to, but with the holo they look awesome! The formulas are fantastic too, very even and buttery.

Piper Polish Prismatic


Prismatic is a very brown plum holo. In most lights you don't actually notice the purple, but the neutral tone is gorgeous. This way more holo than some of the other Piper Polish lacquers, akin to Flash Mob. I barely needed the second coat.

 Piper Polish Denim Daisy Dukes



Denim Daisy Dukes is a pretty periwinkle blue holo. This sort of does look like light blue denim. Once the gold studs I ordered arrive, I should try a denim mani using DDD! The holo effect isn't that strong, but it's so pretty. I used 2-3 coats.

Piper Polish is available HERE and they have great customer service, Erin is just lovely!


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