Sunday, 9 September 2012

Orly Feel The Vibe Neons Spam

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 It's another edition of Sunday Spam for y'all. I'm hoping this makes up for my absence over the past week. I've got all the neons from Orly Feel The Vibe Summer 2012 Collection for you plus Hottie - a neon pink from the Hot Stuff range. There's also lots of glitter thrown in for good measure!

 Orly Beach Cruiser

Beach Cruiser is a standard neon pink. It dries more like a creme than a neon though, more shiny than matte. I didn't love the application, it needed 3 coats for good coverage and to even it out.

Chelsea Amethyst Gem over Beach Cruiser


Amethyst Gem is a fine pink iridescent glitter top coat. Looks like sugar! I'm just wearing 1 coat over Beach Cruiser in this shot and application was perfect.

Orly Melt Your Popsicle

Melt Your Popsicle is a typical neon orange. Super bright! I'm wearing 3 coats here and there is still a hint of VNL. Application was as troubling as Beach Cruiser. I had to resort to thick coats to give the illusion of evenness.

Claire's unamed Black & Silver Holo Glitter over Melt Your Poopsicle


The unnamed Claire's black and silver holo glitter gives MYP a very Halloween feel! Application is ok, the hexes like to clump on top of each other and you need to make sure they don't overhang the free edge. This is 1 1/2 coats.

Orly Skinny Dip
natural - lamp

top coat - lamp

Skinny Dip is the best! It's not a real neon but it's a light and bright blue with a beautiful shimmer. It dries very matte, and the shimmer really glows with some tip coat. It had a chalkier application and this was 3 coats. The top coat really helped to hide the uneven application.

Orly Glowstick

Glowstick is a blinding neon yellow. Super awesome colour. Super horrendous application. I'm wearing a total of 5 coats and it's still uneven as hell. There was cuticle drag, VNL, seriously uneven streakiness, the works. Perhaps layering it over white would give a better result?

Orly Hottie

Hottie is a red toned neon pink. My camera despises this neon - it is more in the vein of China Glaze Pool Party. It's got a more sheer formula than the other neons but application is more even so it's a bit of a trade off. I'm wearing 3 coats.

Claire's unnamed Silver Holo Glitter over Hottie

 I really like this unnamed silver holo glitter from Claire's. It has the same clumping issue as the black & silver, but it'll look good over any polish. I'm wearing 1 coat.

I hope you're making the most of your weekends, I'm trying to rid of  a killer headache, but my flatmate seems to be having a family reunion in the lounge so the noise isn't really helping!!



  1. Layering Glowstick over white definitely improves it! That is what I did.

  2. These swatches are all so gorgeous! I love it! <3

  3. I love the look of skinny dip.

  4. Beautiful swatches! These are so eye-searingly bright - I want!


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