Sunday, 4 September 2011

Orly Fowl Play

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2 coats Fowl Play in sunlight

 Ahhhhh! Finally! After coveting OPI Merry Midnight for ages I got a much cheaper and IMO a superior version (formula wise)! I had to buy a 3 pack of the Birds of a Feather Collection cos my local Farmers didn't sell these separately but it was worth it!


The only difference I can see in the OPI version is that the purple is a bit more vibrant/rich (more red in it?) and I think it might have a teensy bit more flake in it but side by side no one would know it wasn't the same polish.
The flakes are like the kind you get in Nubar 2010 except they mainly appear red, they do flash the other colours but I didn't have this on for long enough to see it in lots of different lights/angles etc.

Fowl Play is super unique and special to me, really awesome, but...
I don't actually love it as much as I was expecting too :( I feel like a sinner! Seriously, I feel guilty for not being more in love. Is that strange? Haven't felt this way since I last broke up with a lovely guy cos "I just wasn't that into him"

You know what though, perhaps that's only because I didn't wear it as a full manicure and get the benefit of falling in love over hours of staring at my nails?

Anyway it really is a beautiful plummy red purple shimmer/flake-gasm. And I still think everyone has to have it in their collection, if only because it's so 1 of a kind.

xxx NPA

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