Tuesday, 6 September 2011

China Glaze Sugar High - Holy Grail Pink?

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I finally got my A in to G and bought some of the Up in the Air polishes in a recent Head2Toe haul. Among them was CG Sugar High.
Now I have a bit of trouble with pinks - they don't always get along with my skin-tone. I have a bit of an olivey undertone to my skin cos my mama brought the Maori!
I suit warm tones & so many pinks out there are blue based!!!! So Sugar High is a fantastic pink on me! It's a light-medium pink creme with just a hint of yellow leaning to it!!!!


3 coats CG Sugar High, indoors, no flash

This was 2 coats, I think, chances are I did 3 (I need to start writing it down). But they went on easily, so it must have been a nice formula not thick or gluggy at all. I think it had that odd water paint feel to it like Peachy Keen & Lemon Fizz, but it wasn't streaky & uneven like I found those ones to be. Love the CG brush now that I'm used to its length & super spread-ability. It dries really shiny! No top coat!!!

I think this is probably a neutral pink and would look good on most people. I know I'll be wearing it lots now it's Spring & for Summer too!
I should have made this my Pink Wednesday post - silly Michaela.

What are your fav pink polishes? I'd love some recommendations on expanding my collection.


  1. Up In The Air collection is incredible!!! Heli-Yum practically applies itself..

  2. Thanks Morgan, Heli-Yum is next on my list! I only held off before because I thought I had a near enough dupe, but if it is as wonderful to work with as Grape Pop & High Hopes I'll have to get onto it. Am I the only one who had issues with Lemon Fizz & Peachy Keen?


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