Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Addict has Returned

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Hey guys I am back from some fun in the snow. What did I miss most? Blogging and my darling dogs of course! I'm going to have to play catch up on the polish world too because I had no interwebs for a full week, arggghhhhhhhhh...

Here's a swatch of  Orly Sea Gurl from the Birds of a Feather Collection in a Farmer's store near you now:

2 coats Sea Gurl indoor lighting

with flash
I got this one in a 3 piece set (the only way of getting any of the Birds of a Feather polishes at the Papakura Farmers) for $39.95. I was quite pleased with the deal really, considering that 1 Orly sets you back $20-25. Sea Gurl (obviously a play on seagull!) is a shimmery graphite colour. Lots of silver microglitter in the medium-dark grey base makes this bird alright in my book. I wouldn't have bought this one if it wasn't in a set with Fowl Play cos it looked a bit boring but I think it is quite flattering in real life - must be a hint of yellow in it rather than blue! I didn't have any other colours like it in my collection either so that's a bonus. 

The next pics are me trying out different top coats

indoor lighting

with flash - i think :p
Thumb - Pinky: 2 coats of L.A Colors Color Craze in Star Light, OPI Black Shatter, China Glaze Cracked Concrete, OPI Silver Shatter, 2 coats of China Glaze Glam

I really liked how Sea Gurl looked with Black Shatter & Glam. I was trying the whole colour on colour look with the grey & silver crackles - clashed with Cracked Concrete because it's too blue & it doesn't pop enough with the silver, sadly.

Now I'm off to bed with my lovely Charlie. He's already snoring away and barking in his sleep (probably having some puppy dreams!!!). I think I need a boyfriend, snoring dogs on my bed make me sound like a crazy dog lady... hmmmmmm :p


  1. Welcome back! I love this mani! So dark and stormy-just what I like to wear

  2. thanks 'fingers' i'm a wee bit in love with your cats! especially the birman/ragdoll looking one in the middle. They have such pretty markings, my dream breed - except for the hair!!!!


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