Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Rocking my Serum No.5 GITDs!

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I got a couple Serum No.5s from a post-xmas sale and they are WONDERFUL!!!!

Serum No.5 Atomic Peach

Atomic Peach is a pastel peach glow in the dark lacquer with a sprinkling of gold micro-glitter. It's a touch brighter (and less white) than the photos show and the GITD effect is very strong - it glows a yellow/green. The formula is alright, a little grainy (with the GITD pigment and all) and you need about 3 coats for it to even out - the Seche Vite helps with that too!

Serum No. 5 Pink Lantern

Pink Lantern is a hot pastel pink GITD. It's much pinker and brighter than in the photos too and glows a white/pink/orange in the dark. It needs about three coats to even out too and again the Seche Vite helped with this and added the glossy finish it needed!

My fav is Pink Lantern but I do love my peachy-nudes so Atomic Peach is certainly a close second!


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