Friday, 17 January 2014

Rhinestone Flowerburst

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I bought a wheel of crystal faceted rhinestones from AliExpress recently - they are so much prettier than regular clear rhinestones - and this is the first manicure I used them for. The pictures don't really show the prismatic-like sparkle off to full extent, but trust me; in person they are pretty!!

For this mani I used Elevation Polish Pic de Subenuix on my ring & pinkie nails and Elixir Lacquer Miss Kitty's Mee-yow on my middle & index nails. PdS is a mid-dark purple with green flash shimmer& MKM is a periwinkle with aqua flash shimmer. I thought they made a nice contrast together. I added a large rhinestone to the right corner of each nail and then small rhinestones all the way round the large to make them look like flower petals. I didn't top coat them for fear of losing the prismatic sparkle of the gems. You should really use nail glue to prolong the wear time of these though.

I quite like how these turned out - what do you think?



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