Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Star Kin by Every Sensory Review

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Hey ladies, for those of you in NZ, there's a new indie brand on the block!

Star Kin by Every Sensory is a mother/daughter team creating some gorgeous holo and glitter polishes. My friend Ami of Every Sensory is the 'daughter' creator.
She posted photos of some of the holos her and her mum had mixed one day and everyone thought they were gorgeous so she started offering them for sale. Now she's opened up her own Etsy store (with NZ shipping only, stinky P.O!), so you MUST stop on by.

Here are some of her polishes I have bought so far:

Star Kin Burganberry

 Burganberry is a gorgeous wine with a scattered weak linear holo effect. I just love the shade of wine, it reminds me of an Enkelini holo I wanted for over a year, but could never get my hands on because there was no international shipping. The formula is quite nice, a little sheer so I used 3 coats. This looks better in actual sunlight btw, you get a really nice rainbow sparkle.

Star Kin R.S

 R.S is a true ruby with a scatterd holo and weak linear effect. I love the colour of real rubies!!!!! And the blue rainbow is quite dominant in this formula so you get a really beautiful looking glossy holo. The formula was of a nice consistency and I got away with just 2 coats, score!

Star Kin Fog People

 Fog People might just be my favourite! It's got a concrete grey base with silver and gold holo glitters as well as some scattered holo pigment. It sparkles like mad and is such a unique shade. Application and formula were pretty good. It has a thicker formula than the holos but not too bad. It spreads nicely. I used two coats and then layered one coat of Glitter Gloss on top because it dries textured.

Star Kin Jaws

Jaws is a deep navy/indigo smothered in blue, purple and magenta micro-glitter. There is also a glowing red that comes through, I'm not sure if there is some holo glitter in there or if it is just the magenta glitter, but it is gorgeous! You can see the red in the flash photo. The formula is seriously thick and gritty though, so I used thick coats to help spread it over my nails. I used 2 coats in the end, but it's pretty opaque after 1. I made it look glossy with two coats of Glitter Gloss.
This type of glitter is one of my favourites!

Star Kins range from NZ$10-13.50/10-15mL bottle. They are phasing out the 15mL bottles in favour of the silver topped Jaws ones which are 10mL.

I hope you stop by the store,



  1. Thank you so much for the write up, Michaela, and stunning swatches as always - your macro shots are mind-blowingly good! :)


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