Tuesday, 2 July 2013

From the Vault... SPAM

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These photos have been sitting in my edited file for a few months now, so I decided I had to post them now or say bye-bye...


 Pahlish Twelve Drummers Drumming

 Twelve Drummers Drumming - I can't remember if this was 2 or 3 coats... Probably 3 since it's sheer. It's got a creamy nude base with gold/orange micro-flakes, iridescent and copper glitter. Beautiful!

L'Oreal 811 

 811 - do these mini sized L'Oreals actually have names or is the boring number all we get? Gorgeous blue with green shimmer though! This was 2 coats.

Sation Delete Your Junk Male

 Delete Your Junk Male was part of the Miss Antoinette Collection, but I couldn't get it to photograph true to life so I never posted it. In person, this is a dark pink jelly with subtle white sparks, just like Love Is In The Heir! Sadly it just looks super coral/orange/red in photos... Maybe it's got some neon to it? Anyway, this was at least 3 coats because she's pretty sheer.

 OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest

Every Month Is Oktoberfest is a deep aubergine loaded with rich rusty shimmer. Two thin, easy to apply coats and you're good to go. Faboush!

Red Carpet Lacquer Glades over BYS Black & Gold

 Glades is a glitter colour-shifting top coat. The glitter is translucent and when layered you see a shift from green-yellow-orange. I applied two coats over a back base with gold shimmer flakes.

Elevation Polish Grotte et Cascade

 Grotte et Cascade is a rich, deep brown with blue, purple, pink and red micro-flake shimmer. It's opaque in 2 coats and sooooooooooooooo gorgeous! I've been rocking it a little this winter already.

Lilacquer Leeloo Multipass

 Leeloo Multipass - who didn't love The Fifth Element?! It's quite possibly the only Mila Jovovich film I've ever seen :) And Brucey is AWESOME as per usual. LM is another shade that would not cooperate with the camera. It's a warmer orange with pink shimmer, but it looks terribly yellow toned in these shots :( This one was a streaky sucker; I might have ended up with 4 coats because I was trying to even it all out! I think 2-3 coats was opaque.

Daring Digits Love Dragon over Pahlish Eight Maids A Milking

 Love Dragon is a pink to purple shimmery micro-flake top coat. I added two coats to a pink and purple Pahlish glitter and it looked so sparkly! The name is fantastic too!!!!!

Dollish Polish Mermaid Scales v2.0 with stamping and gems
I tried my hand at a mermaid tail themed manicure and all was swell until I put top coat over the rhinestones. It went all bubbly and nasty :( I learnt not to top coat these gems though... I used BM 209 and China Glaze Millennium for the stamping.

China Glaze Full Spectrum

 Full Spectrum is a pink/silver duo-chrome choc-a-block full of rainbow hexes. I've since sold this because I'm not that in to the rainbow glitter, but the base is pretty. This was two thin coats.

Femme Fatale Quivering Heart over Hits Unconventional

 I've posted Quivering Heart before, but this is it layered over a darker base. I love how the moody red-purple duo-chrome sets off the gold sparks in QH.

Candeo Colors Sweet Sierra over Essie Madison Ave-Hue

Sweet Sierra is a lavender and rose pink holo glitter top coat. It's squarey-hex and sparkles like mad! I'm wearing 1 coat over a pink from Essie.

Yes, that got rid of so much backlog! Now I need to go study and edit some newer snaps!!!!!



  1. oh i do love that femme fatale! and mermaids tail yum!

  2. Love the first one!!!


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