Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Hungry Asian Belle

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Hands up if you had a very LAZY Sunday!
Um, me...

I might have slept half the day. I promise I didn't mean to, but I got to bed so late and when I woke up in the morning I laid in bed too long and fell asleep again :)
That meant that I missed a great opportunity to swatch - all of Saturday was stormy, so today was sunny and gorgeous!

I'm meaning to get the Color Club A Winter Affair Holiday Collection photographed, but am taking my sweet time as usual! There's some nice colours in the collection including a concentrated Nubar 2010/Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure dupe. It's in stock at Head2Toe Beauty if you want a gander. Hopefully the fine weather will hold up and I can get some swatches in during my study breaks.

I've got another Hungry Asian for you tonight with a beautiful name - Belle. Beauty and the Beast was my favourite Disney Princess film as a kid so anything that reminds me of it is a must have!

The Hungry Asian Belle


Belle is a semi-sheer white base with small pink and medium brown hex glitter. I thought the colours were an interesting mix and I'm drawn to all white based glitter mixes, so Belle had to find a home in my collection. I applied 3 coats in these photos but the formula is a bit sticky and uneven so in the future I'll be layering it over a white creme. It took some time to dry too.

Problems aside, I still love it!

You can get Belle and other Hungry Asian lacquers from The Hungry Asian  for $9.25/15mL.

I've got some grab bags going for $20/6 polishes + shipping - for info click on the Blog SALE tab



  1. This colour is gorgeous! Beauty and the Beast is my favourite too :)

    1. you're my new bestie!!! Do you love Chip???

  2. Very cute! I might have to buy this because of the name! B&B is my favorite movie too. I still have it on VHS! LOL!

  3. This is gorgeous! <3


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