Wednesday, 10 October 2012

NOTD: Whimsical Daisen

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Technically this isn't my 'Nail of the Day', but it was on my nails Sunday-Monday, so close enough :)

Since I'm not too concerned with getting stuff swatched since my nails are looking fug, I've been giving myself some 'creative freedom' with my manis. For starters, I'm keeping them on for a minimum of 2 days. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but for me, that's a giant step into the land of normalcy. Twenty-four hours used to be impressive!!! And I'm trying out the polishes that I haven't really had a chance to wear/couldn't be bothered figuring out what to layer it with.

 For this mani I'm wearing China Glaze Sunset Sail, Nubar Whimsical Coral and Elevation Daisen.

Nubar Whimsical Coral over China Glaze Sunset Sail

close up
Whimsical Coral is a gold-peach sheer shimmer. Over Sunset Sail it looked very golden. I'm not sure if it would be opaque worn alone, but the formula was a bit thick and very heavy on the shimmer so you might get there with enough coats. Here I used 2 coats over 3 coats of Sunset Sail (which has an ultra painful watery, uneven formula!!!).

I got Daisen during the September restock of Elevaion Polish and the copper and pink combination looked like it'd compliment Whimsical Coral perfectly!

Elevation Daisen over Nubar Whimsical Coral 


Daisen has a clear base with fine iridescent glitter and copper, pale and medium pink circle glitter in varying sizes. Application isn't too bad, you may need to moved the circles around a little bit though so they don't overlap. The circles are fairly thick so you'll need a viscous top coat to smooth it.



  1. Omg I'm dying over the round glitters! There is just something about round glitter that I like a little bit more than regular ones :3 Great mani!


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