Sunday, 7 October 2012

Piper Polish Blue My Mind & Gold Studs

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I've made my first foray into nail art studs! And today is my nub reveal too, oh lucky you.

In my last Cult Nails order I got gold and silver circle and square studs, plus their awesome bronze rhinestone wheel! The first thing I've tried are the gold square studs.

Cult Nails Square Gold Studs over Piper Polish Blue My Mind




They gold studs are pretty cool. I applied them using the pointed end of a cuticle stick and some Poshe base coat. Then I sealed them with a thick coat of Revlon Colorstay top coat. In the macro shot you can see it has dulled and sort of cracked over the studs but you can't tell in person.
The only thing about these studs I don't like is that they are $2 for 20 pieces. That just seems a tad expensive expensive to me, but I'm not sure how much other stockists charge. I assume they're reusable anyways.
They do come in a clear pottle which I like compared to a baggie.

Piper Polish Blue My Mind



 Blue My Mind has a pastel blue base with a mixture of gold, blue, pink and turquoise/teal glitter. It's surprisingly opaque for a polish of its kind. Two coats gave adequate coverage and application was easy peezy! Unfortunately, I think the larger pink hex (like the gold) have bled/faded. I got BMM some months ago and this is the first time I've worn it, but it did have an equal mix of pale pink and gold hexes at first. Now it just seems to have gold, so something has happened. Luckily it still looks nice so...

I chose BMM because I wanted a soft colour for my super short (uneven) nails and the gold glitter gave me the iea to add gold studs. I did find that my nails are a bit to rounded for the studs to lie flat, so the corners catch in my hair etc, but they are good for scratching my back!!

You can purchase Piper Polish HERE and the studs HERE

Two days on and I'm still wearing this mani, woop, woop!



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