Monday, 23 April 2012

Face of Australia - Barbados - Orange You Glad You Came swatch and review

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Orange You Glad You Came got in to my hands via my wonderful sister Katie! She sent me a polish package from Australia and this gem stood out.

OYGYC - 2 coats - sunlight

OYGYC - 2 coats -white light

OYGYC - 2 coats -white light

OYGYC - 2 coats - close up

When I first saw it in the bottle I thought, 'yuck' a peach frost. But lo and behold it's a beautiful peachy-apricot with tons of golden shimmer. I think it verges on the frost side of the mountain, but in a good way.
It is surprising opaque at two easy coats and looked really nice next to my skin.

I really want more of these Barbados colours now!

Are there any nail polishes that really surprised and delighted you on the nail versus in the bottle?



  1. Gorgeous color! It's super flattering on you and that shimmer you captured is amazing. Makes it more golden than yellow - maybe that's why it's so lovely?

  2. its gorgeous, the shimmer is amazing!

  3. Wow that really is a gorgeous color. The shimmer is really great. :)

  4. Dude this is absolutely gorgeous!


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