Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Candeo Colours - ORCHID Swatch & Review

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Hey guys,

Woke up early today and have been playing with Buster!!! I think he's finally settling down for his morning rest, so it's the perfect time to bang out a post!

I got some polishes from Candeo Colors on Etsy and Orchid is my absolute fav! In a couple of seconds, you'll see why!

Orchid - 2 coats - white light

Orchid - 2 coats - white light

Orchid - 2 coats - sunlight

Orchid - 2 coats - sunlight closeup

Orchid is a deep fuchsia shimmer filled with hexagon glitter in all sizes and a few different colours! There's quite a bit of holo hex glitter in here, orange and silver too. It is freaking beautiful in person and closest in colour to the first two photos. The ones I took in sunlight look a heck of a lot pinker and less complex than it is IRL. What makes me adore this indie polish for more than just it's fabulousness though,is it's formula. It's uber pigmented and there's great glitter dispersion and it applies like a dream. I used 2 coats for the photos but I felt like 1 thick coat could have done the job! This does require a good coat of Seche Vite to even out the texture of the glitter but in the photos I used a very thin top coat so it doesn't look quite as good as it ought!

I wore Orchid for at least 2 days before the pressures of swatching = removal :(
Can't wait to wear it again!!!

I really can't stop staring as these photos!!!!! It's just so magical!!!
I'm definitely going to get my hands on more of  Melinda's gorgeous lacquers!! I love the rainbow chameleon logo too!!!

Does Orchid float your boat too?



  1. you're right, it's SO beautiful!!

    1. I saw your swatches and thought i'd better get a move on posting mine!!! Did you get any other candeos?

  2. LOVE your pictures of this!! you do a great job showing the glitter off:D you also keep creating lemmings!

    1. thanks, if you think the glitter looks good in these pics it's about 100x better IRL!!! I want your frankening skills!! Whenever I wear one I spend all day staring at my nails!!!


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