Friday, 6 April 2012

An Experiment in Layering

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When I got Orly Bubbly Bombshell I was a little disappointed to find that the clear base and thirsty glitter didn't give full coverage too easily.
I meant to try layering it over a base colour but TBH with more and more polish arriving on my doorstep I couldn't be bothered putting in the effort, when I could try a brand new one instead!!!

Cut to 4 months later when I was rearranging my polish collection in the middle of the night - as you do... I picked up BB and decided now was the time to let her shine!
I tried to find a colour match amongst all my purples but alas, nothing was perfect. China Glaze Urban Night (a jewel toned medium-dark purple) however, kept calling out to me.



white light

These pics show 1 coat Urban Night topped with 1 coat Bubbly Bombshell and a layer of Seche Vite.

I was really happy with the results, the fuchsia glitter works nicely with the darker purple and both polishes applied wonderfully!

I was in a creative mood and hadn't tried out Bling It! from Haze Glaze on etsy, so I slapped a coat on top, with fairly low expectations, considering BI! is a mix of gold, bronze/coffee and green/blue glitters in a light brown tinted base.
As it turns out, I kinda dig the result!!!



white light - close up

I didn't add any top coat for the pictures because I wasn't sure I actually liked the colour combination and I had to remove it straight after the pics anyway. I think you still get a good idea of how awesome Bling It! is though!!!
Can you the crazy shine/light deflection going on in the sunlight photo? These photos don;t really show it, but the medium gold hex are holographic, so it's even blingier in person.
The formula was great on this one too, no probs with placement of the big hexs, nor was it hard to get them from the bottle to the nail. The only thing I had to do to ake the glitter perfect was push some of the bar glitter away from my free edge cos one or two overhung a tad.

You can get your hands on Bling It! by visiting the Haze Glaze etsy store. I think it's around $7-8 USD a bottle.

How do you feel about my glitter layering? And be honest!!!!



  1. I liked it before the glitter fest! I'm sure there are people out there who will love this!!

  2. I really like it!! Before and after the Bling It. Looks great!

  3. Ha ha I soooo sit and arrange my polished late at night! That's so funny, I really love the mani before bling it, bb looks so pretty over urban night and now I feel like I must get urban night and finally use my bb!

  4. Awesome layering experiment! I love both before & after Bling It, BB looks perfect over Urban Night and the gold hexes look great over purple!


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