Wednesday, 9 October 2013

kkcenterhk review: 2mm Circle Gold Studs

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I tried out a spiral pattern using these gold studs from kkcenterhk:

I applied these using nail glue and a rhinestone picker wax pencil. I like the 2mm size, they're better suited to my little nails, but you can also get 4mm sized studs if you like the chunk or have larger nail beds.
Compared to standard rounded studs these are more yellow and much more rounded as opposed to flattened. I didn't like them with top coat, but that might have just been poor application on my part.

I'm wearing Mod Lacquer Majestic with this look. It would've been cool to add swirl stamps to my pinkie and index fingers to make the look more cohesive!

Kkcenterhk have provided my readers with a 10% off discount code NPA10, be sure to utilise it the next time you place an order:


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