Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Color Club Halo Hues: Beyond, Cosmic Fate & Cherubic

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The urge to blog has just not been there lately, which is why I've been patchy and MIA with the posts :(
I just don't really have anything to say and I'm loathe to just post swatches without any words. Maybe that'll have to change?

Hope all of you are doing swell though!!! I've got some Color Club holos to show you today.

Color Club Beyond

First off, Beyond is a black linear holo. It's not as grey as the photos betray, but it isn't anything like a jet black either. It is moderately strongly holographic though.

Color Club Cosmic Fate

Cosmic Fate is a copper-peach hued linear holo. Check out the flash photo, seriously prismatic! She might actually be one of the strongest holos I own.

Color Club Cherubic

Cherubic is a nude/beige metallic holographic which is insanely prismatic also. I love these coloured holos, they feel office appropriate, yet I get that giddy feeling wearing them because a rainbow is never far away!

The formula for all of these is fantastic; buttery with absolutely zero dragging or unevenness to deal with. You can get away with one coat if you're in a hurry and I used two for the photos.



  1. These are so gorgeous! I have a few of them but I haven't worn them all yet.

  2. I desperately want Cherubic and Beyond... awesome photos as always!

  3. :) These Color Club holos are so pretty. I paid full price for Eternal Beauty and Over the Moon. But then I dug two others (Harp on It and another) out of a clearance bin at a Meijer. And I got Beyond from a blog sale, just haven't worn it yet...


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