Saturday, 31 August 2013

Born Pretty Store Review - 2mm Pastel Square Studs

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I'm absolutely in love with coloured studs and Born Pretty Store has brought out heaps in the last couple of months. They sent me some pink and peach 2mm square studs to review and they're so cute!

Source Item #6968

I looked to other nail art bloggers for ideas for how to wear these and came up with the following look:

OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons with 2mm square studs

Sadly my camera dulled down the colour of the pastel/neon studs and played up the dirtiness of OPI DPMB :( It looked much prettier in person, only I had to move some of the studs around a bit once I placed them on the nail; so some are smeared with the polish, woops! They say practice makes perfect, so I'll get on to that and maybe I'll also sharpen the tip of my wax pencil and see if that helps me apply the studs more accurately.

I did find that nail polish remover will take the colour off the studs too, so if you are planning on reusing them, you might have to settle for a silver stud. That kind of sucks but I had already guessed that would be the case.

The 2mm were a good choice for my small nails, but they also have a 3mm size available in all the same colours. Each bag of 200/100 respectfully is $2.99. I think I'll be buying all the other shades soon!!!!

BPS offer my readers a 10% discount and they have worldwide free shipping (makes all the difference I tells ya!!!) Next time you're after nail art supplies use coupon code QHL91



  1. i'm really impressed with the things BP has been offering lately.

    1. I know! They are really keeping up with/bringing in trends. All of the metal studs are so fun and easy to use


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