Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Some Love 4 BB Couture

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Guten Arbend,

Some of my nails are having a hard time of late; there's some tearing & peeling going on. So I will be giving them a rest and finally show all the polish swatches I have stockpiled in my blogging folder!

Tonight I have 3 BB Couture shades. Enjoy

Kelly's Green - sunlight

Kelly's Green - sunlight

Kelly's Green is from the Vampy Varnish Collection (yes, Kelly of the blog Vampy Varnish  helped design BB polishes!!!). She describes it as an avocado green. It reminds me of guacamole dip! Not as bright or yellow as plain avocado, but better! It contains green or perhaps iridescent micro glitter and glitter flecks? that shine both blue, green and maybe yellow as well as sparse black specks . Now, I did find this a little more difficult to apply than some polishes but thicker coats may have helped. I think it's a 3 coater for opacity and evenness. You'll also want to slap on a layer of Seche Vite (or other thick TC) because it dries a little gritty. Isn't it a to die for unique green?

Pocahontas - sunlight

Pocahontas - shade

Pocahontas is a part of the Infamous Lovers Collection - along with her sweetheart John Smith.  She's a creamy taupe with little white glitter flecks (these might be in Kelly's Green too) and a very small amount of black specks, which seems to be a theme in BB Couture polish. This is a lovely colour, tres office apropos! It has a fairly watery formula, but I think that is just the way a lot of BB C's lacquers are. Not a bad thing, very manageable, it just requires 3 coats and a little technique adjustment (like most brands that are new to me!). The finish is high shine.

Romeo - indirect sunlight

Romeo - sunlight

You used to be my Romeo, oh oh oh oh. Romeo is also from the Infamous Lovers Collection and it really was love at first sight, sorry Juliet, he's MINE! He is described as a red pink with grey... honestly I don't know how to describe him myself. This colour is entirely unique unto himself. It is basically a pinky rust version of Lazy Bum (but Romeo came first!). Romeo has the same white/iridescent flecks of glitter - they shine pink and blue in these photos. The application was a bit easier, I believe I still used 3 coats but the formula was a bit thicker and I could have got away with 2. Another unique shade. I love. Something about the base makes me think of OPI Yucan-tan if you want. I must compare them, they might be in the same colour group - hard to describe!

You can purchase BB Couture from Overall Beauty - the link in my Where To Buy tab.


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  1. They are all beautiful but I'm loving the green so pretty, I'm having problems nails too so sad!


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