Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day 22: Inspired by a BOOK

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Good day ya'll,

I just took Buster for a walk because he's going to town on any thing he can find and chew in the house. He was pretty full on so maybe he'll be super tired and sleep the rest of the day! Ah, teething puppies...

I screwed up a little and mixed up my days :) Today is supposed to be inspired by a song, I'm sure you won't mind though.

I drew my inspiration form the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison. The books are for young adults (ie. 12 +)  and I started reading them around 5th form and didn't stop til the last one came out a year or two ago! I was too old to be reading young teen fiction but what can I say? 50% of the time I'm "super mature" (cough,cough, have a carrot up my ass) 40% of the time I act like a 12 year old (and love toilet humour) and the other 10% I'm even keeled like a mature adult. My reading choices reflect that!

There's 10 books in the series so I was going to do one nail per book, but it took so long that I only ended up doing one hand - books 1-5:

And here's my take-

 Excuse the messy cuticles, every time I add seche vite I get it all over me and never remove it before I take photos cos I'm LAZY. I really wish I'd done both hands now but his really took me hours -crazy for something so simple. Acrylic paint is definitely on my 'to buy' list.

I'm working on my song nails now... Jar of Hearts?


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