Sunday, 23 June 2013

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Woops, I took a break from blogging to study and a week blew by!
My first exam is tomorrow and I'm freaking out!!! There is just too much info to cram in to my head!!! Damned Anatomy and Physiology. I officially hate muscles! Ups to all the Physios and sport medicine related peeps out there, you must have it mastered!!!!

Here is your weekly dose of piCture pOlish - just one more week til I'm done with the pp reviews :( I bought 9 new bottles myself though, so there will still be some more pps! They just might not get posted one at a time after next Friday though.

piCture pOlish Blogger

Blogger is a multi-coloured hex glitter mix in a clear base. You've got gold, silver, fuchsia, aqua and red glitter in there. The formula is very nice and I applied two thin coats for decent coverage. There are a few small holes but you only notice it in the macro shots, not in person. Though I wore this alone, it can be worn as a single layer over other colours. The larger aqua hexes curl up a tad along the edhes, but they sit perfectly flat with topcoat. I used one thick layer of seche vite to smooth blogger completely.

This glitter isn't anything groundbreaking; almost every brand has a similar one now (eg. OPI A Rainbow Connection or NYX Girls Carnival), but it does have a great formula, no dabbing required.

You can get blogger from piCture pOlish or any of their Network partners.


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