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OPI Le Collection de France 2008

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These  polishes are on the verge of turning 3 years old but they're pretty amazing and I have gotten my hands on a few so I thought I'd dedicate a post to them!
This was a 12 piece collection that suited the season well. It includes the following shades:
Louvre me, louvre me not
Parlez-vous OPI?
Tickle my France-y
Eiffel for this color
You don't know Jacques
A Oui bit of red
Yes... i can-can
Baguette me not
Crepes suzi-ette
i'm fondue of you
bastille my heart
we'll always have paris

I have 7 of them but Parlez-vous OPI? was borrowed and apparently "lost" - I don't believe it, the colour is too awesome to be misplaced!!!!! And hard to find too! One day I hope to get it back! Anyway, here's the other 6:

A oui bit of red - indoors
  A Oui bit of red is a bright red with subtle fuchsia shimmer - click here for more from a previous post

Bastille my heart - indoor

Bastille my heart - flash
 Bastille my heart is a rich burgundy shimmer, feels a bit glowy, very pretty but not unique. STAINS like my senile, 21 year old cat when she misses the kitty litter box! I don't have any other polishes like it though so for me its a keeper, nice formula too, about 2 coats.

I'm fondue of you - indoor

I'm fondue of you - flash

I'm fondue of you is a really gorgeous medium plum brown  with lots of fine shimmer kind of like a mixture of milk chocolate and berries. I love it! I used 3 coats but my 1st was ultra thin so 2 normal coats would have been fine.

Louvre me louvre me not - indoor

Louvre me louvre me not - flash

LMLMN is in the same vein as Overexposed in South Beach style wise but is a much more violet purple with fairly strong red undertones. The shimmer is pretty, hated the formula took 3 coats. It was quite gloopy in my opinion and you can see the unevenness of it on my nails especially in the flash photo. Of course, taking more time would have reduced the cuticle drag etc and I'm sure a few drops of thinner would sort it out.

Tickle my france-y - indoor

This is a really pretty nude with a pink undertones. Truth be told in person Tickle My France-y does nothing for me, just shows how yellow my skin looks in comparison to this  pale cafe au lait creme polish.   But on other ladies its true beauty would be obvious. Two coats of lovely formula is perfect - more to eliminate VNL.

You don't know Jacques - indoor

YDKJ - flash

You Don't Know Jacques is one of OPI's most popular colours, I believe it started a major greige trend in the nail lacquer world. A dark purplely taupe. The flash makes it look far too light! You feel so chic when you wear YDKJ, definitely a corporate power colour if your office allows it. Just perfect for winter and its a creme.

I "borrowed" this from the polish addict's blog

Parlez-Vous OPI? was my first ever OPI and it is the most awesome-est dark, greyed out, purple n the market. The formula is ever so slightly thick but great coverage/ very opaque. Very hard to find - one of my favourite  polishes of all time!

I plan to get my hands on  Yes... i can-can, Baguette me not, Crepes suzi-ette at some point too because they look right up my alley. What do you think of these polishes? Is it one of your favourite OPI collections too?

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