Saturday, 13 July 2013

piCture pOlish: Denim, Focus, Hope, Monroe, Peacock & Shocked

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I think we all know by now that Picture Polish make some of the best lacquers around. I've been a huge fan since I discovered the company several years ago, but I had only bought 3 shades from them before they started sending me lacquers for review last year. I just never had any enough money at the right time, you know? So many polishes, such a small wallet...

But after receiving so many collaboration and newer shades to review a couple of months ago, I had to have the rest!!!!! I made the plunge and bought 9 lemmings and now I'm almost caught up on all my PP must haves; damn you new collaboration shades. I'm looking at you Sea Jewel & you Whimsy!

Today I have 6 of the 9 to share with you, enjoy.

piCture pOlish Denim

 Denim is a near periwinkle blue shimmer with glowy blue micro-glitter and white flaky glitter/shimmer. Denim has been on my most wanted list since I first discovered PP more than two years ago. How did it take me so god damned long to snag her????? The formula is excellent, you only need two thin coats.

piCture pOlish Focus

 Focus is a collaboration shade from Sheila of Pointless Cafe. It's an amazing dark pink-wine/red purple hue with flaky shimmer and glowing pink/red micro-shimmer flecks too. My camera couldn't handle the beauty so these photos do no justice to Sheila's baby! Another great, two coat formula.

piCture pOlish Hope

 Hope is a dark teal blue jelly with scattered holographic shards and blue hex glitter. It's another collaboration shade, this time created by the woman behind the french blog Vernis en Folie. It's got the same great formula as the other holo shard polishes PP does so well, but the smattering of glitter takes you by surprise! I'd probably prefer it without the glitter, but the blue is a nice accent. Another perfect two coater.

piCture pOlish Monroe

 Monroe v2.0 is a burgundy scattered holo shard lacquer. I now own both versions of this beauty!!! The formula is perfection, especially compared to the troubling original and the hue, divine!!! Say it with me now, "Two coats of perfection".

piCture pOlish Peacock

 Peacock was released with the original Opulence range and is the only remaining 1 out of the 3 not to be discontinued! It has a dark, dull purple (that appears kind of gray at 1-2 coats) base and tons of fine emerald green hexes plus tiny silver bar glitter. On its own you need 3 coats for full coverage and it's a pretty thick formulation so I recommend thin coats. The dullness of the purple base lets Peacock down, so I'll try layering it over a brighter purple creme next time.

piCture pOlish Shocked

Shocked is yet another collaboration polish. Shatter Me Claire filled a huge pink holo hole in the PP line with this bright medium pink scattered holo shard lacquer. Shocked is so girly and fun, but the jelly consistency keeps it from looking childish or tacky - great job SMC and PP! It is sheerer than the rest of the polishes, needing at least 3 coats for full coverage. Ladies with long nails may need 4 to cover their smile lines.

I'm so freaking pleased that I took the plunge and bought a bunch of PP lemmings. The cost wasn't too bad in the end either because I bought direct from PP using the Every Day Deals - buy 7, get 2 free. NZ Shipping is $19 for 1-9 bottles and I only had to pay for 7 so that's a saving of AUS$20 straight up!
They are shipped by DHL so you get them within 3 days wahooooooo!!!!! I love DHL :)

Which PPs are you lemming?

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  1. I need Denim and Hope. I love the beautiful dusty muted blue of denim and well look how pretty Hope is with the teal base and the turquoise and silver shards!

  2. Olá!!!, Deus te abençoe, continue assim, S-U-C-E-S-S-O
    Já estou te seguindo, aguardo a retribuição.


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