Friday, 5 July 2013

My picks from OPI Oz, The Great And Powerful Collection

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This year the theme of OPI's Soft Shades Collection was Oz The Great and Powerful. I thought it was an odd choice considering all the rich colours in that film, but they came up with some beautifully delicate semi-sheers - of which I do not have a lot - so I picked up three bottles :)

OPI I Theodora You
 I Theodora You appealed to me immediately. It's a pale pink that builds nicely in 3-4 thin coats. It was surprisingly even looking after some Seche Vite. Definitely office safe.

OPI Glints of Glinda
 Glints of Glinda is a peachy/yellow toned flesh. The formula is very similar to ITY and it is soooooo close to Samoan Sand that I originally thought it was a dupe. Happily when I compared the two, SS is much more neutral and GOG has that orange cast. Again 3-4 thin coats for full coverage.

OPI Lights of Emerald City over Sprung
Lights of Emerald City is a white and iridescent square glitter mix in a clear base. The base is pretty thick, but you get decent coverage with one coat. Maybe some thinner would benefit it? I layered it over Sprung because I'd only seen it over the other semi-sheers from the Oz collection. I think it looks pretty cool because the iridescent glitters shine orange like Sprung!

Which lacquers were your favourite from the collection?


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