Thursday, 4 July 2013

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

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Born Pretty Store sent me a different kind of nail stamping tool to review. The template is actually the stamper, so you use less equipment than with the traditional metal template stamping systems.

Aren't these darling?!



I chose the A11 template because I wanted the diamonds!
I can't say I had great results, though that may have been because I used a quick drying chrome to stamp with which isn't really an advantage with these silicone stamps.

 Star Kins R.S with diamond stamps

See? Some diamonds transferred better than the others, but there was almost always some silver polish left in the template.
Next time I'll try a regular stamping polish and see if that helps. I do love the design though. The other drawback with these is you have to repeatedly stamp them on a piece of paper over and over before you apply them to your nail to remove the excess polish outside of the pattern template. I found that it took a bit of time and I'd prefer to do a quick scrap. The disc was easy to manipulate in a rolling motion over the nail.
The plates are only US$2.99 each!

You can get loads of nail art supplies from bps for CHEAP with free worldwide shipping. To sweeten the deal even more, use my 10% off coupon on any/all orders for even more savings.

What is your favourite precious gem?



  1. It's a cool concept, but I see what you mean with the issues with transfer. I think I'll stick to my stamper :)

  2. What a beautiful nail polish color!
    I'm want more of easy nail designs but I prefer beautiful color and shades. yours is just perfect!
    Lovely nail design.


  3. R.S looks pretty stamped over, too! I have one of these silicon stampers, and had really patchy results until I stopped the 'stamp stamp stamp' on the paper like they suggest, and just rubbed it fast over the paper until all the excess came off. Was quicker, so the polish didn't dry as much in the design. I love that you have a cat on that stamp! Cute! :D


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