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piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - celebrating the year of the blogger

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I'm so excited to taking part in Blog Fest for the second time!

This year we were asked to come up with one nail art manicure using three PP shades.

The girls sent me three polishes: Ariel's Tale, Twinkle and Aphrodisiac

Ariel's Tale is a glitter top coat with ultra-fine and small turquoise/teal hex glitter. It applies like a dream and isn't too packed with glitter so you can play around with coverage.

Twinkle is an absolutely creamy gorgeous lilac shimmer. The second photo below really shows off the sparkle in the bottle. It is a tad streaky due to the pastel formula so I applied three thin coats for full coverage. You can get there in two thicker ones though.

Aphrodisiac is a classic deep purple (sort of a cool toned aubergine) shimmer. This bad boy is a one coater - can't beat that, can you?! The formula is very flowing and concentrated.

My favourite is Twinkle but they are all really solid staples everyone nail polish freak should have in their collection!!!

Here is the nail art look I came up with:


1. Starting with a base of Twinkle create a sponge gradient using Aphrodisiac and Twinkle.
2. Apply one coat of Ariel's Tale.

1. Paint on a base of Twinkle.
2. Make the heart stencil by folding a piece of sticky tape in half; along the folded edge cut out one half of a heart, ensuring it is the correct size for your nail.
3. Unfold the tape which should now look like a cut out heart and stick firmly to the centre of your nail.
4. Using nail polish remover or acetone with a cotton bud, remove the polish from the cut-out area.
5. Remove the tape and neaten up the heart using a cleanup brush if necessary.
6. To create the glitter border put a glob of Ariel's Tale on to some scrap paper and use a toothpick to pick up 1 small hex at a time, placing them around the edge of the heart.

1. Start with a base of Aphrodisiac
2. Using a fine dotting tool, create some four petaled flowers in Twinkle.
3. Place a rhinestone in the middle of each flower.

1. Start with a base of Aphrodisiac.
2. Create a glitter gradient by sponging Ariel's Tale from base to tip.

Apply one - two coats of a glossy top coat to each nail and your manicure is complete!

This year you get to vote for your favourite Blog Fest manicure. All designs will be posted to the PP Pinterest page and the one with the most 'likes' will be invited to create a collaboration shade!
Be sure to like your favourites!
Additionally, all of the Blog Fest participants will vote for their favourite and the PP team will also choose one blogger to create a collaboration shade too!

piCture pOlish is available direct from their On-line Store, as well as through their network partners. Here are links to their ShippingNetwork and Everyday Deals pages.

The girls are really active on social media posting swatches and reviews and they often hold contests and giveaways on the following pages:
Facebook    Twitter    Pinterest   Instagram You Tube

I hope you like my design, it has been so fun to wear - lots of compliments!



  1. These are beautiful! I love the heart "window"

  2. Awesome, Michaela! Love the colours and all the different designs! I can't choose a favourite nail though, I like them all :P.

  3. oooh I LOVE this, and what you've done with it! Stunning! :D

  4. OMG these are stunning,Gorgeous Details and Colours.

    Easy to make!!!

    Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful
    scrapbooking stores

  5. Wow such a beautiful and adorable nail art! I love it!

  6. The heart-hole is really cute! :)

  7. I love how you incorporated the glitter into your manicure....glitter can be really tricky in nail art! Beautiful!

  8. The nude heart is so pretty!!!!

  9. Looks great! Love the tutorial on the heart, looks fab :)

  10. I love the cut out heart! I've been seeing some cut outs and your tutorial for it looks very easy!

  11. These are so cute and all the different designs work together so well. Love the cut-out heart.


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