Monday, 22 July 2013

Giveaway Winners & The Battle #10 - Matte vs Holo

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Thank you to everyone who entered my 'Because I Passed My Exams' Giveaway.
Congratulations to Sarah Lundy & Jewell Sparkled who won the Harlow & Co $20 voucher and the NZ Polish Prize Pack, respectively.
Please contact me ladies, I would hate to draw new winners!!!

Yes, The Battle is back. One of these days I'll manage more than 1 challenge a month, I promise!!!!
Today it's holo vs matte... come on there is NO comparison. Holo all the way, baby!

ILNP Grape Alicious

ILNP Grape Alicious with Essie Matte About You

Half 'n half

Even though Grape Alicious looks nice matte, the holo absolutely dies. I can't tell you how happy I was when Orly Glosser magically restored the rainbows!

Now I need to do a Duochrome vs Foil look because I skipped Challenge 9, woops.

Hope your weekends were absolutely amazing in some little way :)



  1. Thanks so much, I'm so excited to have won! I just replied to your email — this is Sarah :)

  2. Interesting. But yeah, holo always win in my book!


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