Monday, 8 July 2013

ILNP Holographic Part I - spring cremes

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Ahhh, I was suppossed to go to the Beauty Expo in Auckland over the weekend, but I was so exhausted from exams and pretty broke, so I stayed home and slept instead. Totally LAME but hey, I have a LOT of polish already, right?
I'm mega jealous of the hauling my facebook friends did though! All these hard to find in NZ or mega expensive here in NZ brands were there at great prices, Waaah!

Luckily I had a GENEROUS nail mail week with Candy Lacquer, Digital Nails and blog sale polishes arriving so I have plenty of pretties to tide me over :)

And now for some totally lovable holo cremes from I <3 Nail Polish. These are my first ILNP lacquers and it was a top notch experience. They shipped fast and came in great packaging and quality bottles etc, so I recommend them 100%

 ILNP A Touch of Mint

A Touch of Mint is a pale pastel mint creme with a very weak linear holo effect in direct light. Indoors or in the shade you see fine silvery scattered shimmer. 2-3 coats for full even coverage.

ILNP Concrete Sprinkles

Concrete Sprinkles is a concrete grey creme with a weak linear holo effect under direct light. It's got a soft scattered sparkle in natural or shaded lighting. Two coats for even, full coverage.

ILNP Chloe

Chloe is a creamy lavender weak linear holo. In natural or shaded lighting it has a subtle scattered holo shimmer. Two coats for full coverage.

ILNP Grande Sunset

Grande Sunset is a creamy coral weak linear holo. In natural or shaded lighting it has a soft scattered holo sparkle. Two coats for full coverage.

All of these are beautiful shades, but the holo effect is WEAK. I don't mind because I love the slight shimmer you get with weak scattered holo particles, but it might disappoint some. These were all from the first wave of holos ILNP put out and I think they are still being restocked.

If you are a creme lover these are a great way to jazz up your nails without they overpowering rainbow effect most holos have.

ILNP is available HERE for US$10/bottle. Lovely rubber coated bush handles for easy grip too!
I have all the darker shades to show you tomorrow too.


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