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Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros. Collection Swatches & Review

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I've gotten some really great nail mail lately - not only because I didn't pay for them, but because they are from 2 quality independent polish makers and they shipped lightning quick! As in a week or less, which is crazy for First Class USPS to NZ!

Dolly sent me the Super Mario Collection as well as other goodies.
These are some awesome glitter top coats - mainly matte - and I love the theme! Super Mario Bros is one of the only Gameboy games I liked to play (Pokemon was the other, I don't like scary things jumping out and trying to kill me!!!).

I used 1 coat for all the swatches - some more generous than others. I found that the glitter pay off and application was way better (and quicker) if I used a thick coat. Otherwise most of the glitter got wiped off on to the neck of the bottle. I also used 1 layer of NYC quick dry top coat for these swatches.

1-Up over OPI Dim Sum Plum

 1-Up is made up of medium green matte hex glitter, ultra-fine and micro green gliiter, matte white hexes in small and medium, as well a matte white bar glitter. This was the first one I applied so it looks a lot less glittery than the other swatches but it is exactly the same - I just wiped too much off my brush. I also didn't shake it up much so there isn't much white glitter on my nails, but that's easily sorted.

A Peachy Princess over OPI Mod About You

A Peachy Princess is a pink and peachy mix of glitter. There's large square pale pink glitter, magenta pink in small square, ultra fine and small hex glitter, and pinky/orange holo glitter in small hex and square shapes. This is my favourite pink glitter top coat now. I especially love how the magenta hexes jump out at you in person - so pretty.

The Koopa King over Claire's Mood Polish Earthy/Happy

 The Koopa King is the most interesting glitter in the collection. A mix of yellow, green, red and white matte glitters as well as matte black bars and silver holo diamonds. I don't know this character at all, but the polish is cool!

 Go Luigi! over China Glaze Riveting

Go Luigi! is a fabulous tribute to the green and blue clad brother! This has small and medium sized hex in green and blue and silver stars. I love how fiery Riveting looks in the macro shot; it was the only outdoor photo I got and it was overcast - one of ChG's best polishes ever! I did fish out a couple of the stars and place them - but I was using a mini bottle which I always find makes for a more challenging glitter application (narrow necks and you usually don't get as consistent formula as hand poured large bottles).

Dino-Mite Yoshi over China Glaze Holly-Day

 Dino-Mite Yoshi is one of my favs. Yoshi is such a cutie and I love how the matte ruby red squares and pale green large hex look. There's also fine red and micro green glitter, small mate hex glitter in green and white.

 Wicked Wario over Essie Picture Perfect

 Wicked Wario is pretty cool and unusual looking. I think it's the fine matte purple glitter that sets it apart from every other matte glitter mix I've seen on the market. Aside from the purple there's also small green hex, medium matte yellow hex and larger white square glitter in the mix. I just want to add a black moustache to this mani to make it truly look like Wario!!

 It's A Me, Mario! over Revlon Winter Mist

It's A Me, Mario! is the first polish released from this collection. It was perfect for Independence Day. A mix of fine, small and medium blue hex; small and medium red hex and the occasional silver star glitter. I spent a wee while fishing for these stars, because they're a bit sparser than the Luigi ones. Again, a bigger bottle would make it easier - plus the stars are heavier so the sink a bit more.

Toad-Ally Awesome over Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream

Toad-Ally Awesome is the one I fell completely in love with! It actually makes me think of the Olympics! It's made up of fine blue square/diamond glitter, small matte white squares and medium hexes, small gold squares and hexes and medium matte red hex glitter, plus medium matte blue squares. The gold is fairly yellow and it just pops so well with the other colours and really catches your eye.

All the formulas were pretty good - they're got that thickish suspension base consistency and I was happy with the concentration of glitter. I do recommend applying it in thick coats though, it just goes on so much better than messing around trying to place glitter when you use thin coats.

The reason why I like these so much (and Dolly's glitters in general) is because she really makes a complete polish. There's attention to the details - like the combination of colours and the use of fine/micro glitter rather than just dumping a whole lot of the same sized glitter in to some base. The coverage and look of the glitter is just superior to a lot of other indie glitters I have.

The stand outs for me are Toad-Ally Awesome, A Peachy Princess and Dino-Mite Yoshi with an honourable mention for Wicked Wario. I just know I'll wear those the most!

You can purchase Dollish Polish from the online store here for $4.50 (5mL) or $8.75 (15mL). She restocks about once a month and you have to get in quick!!
Llarowe also stocks a selection of Dollish Polish for $11 (15mL). She'll be getting the Super Mario Collection in soon, so keep an eye out.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this collection! Which is your favourite? Have you had enough of matte glitters or can you not get enough? Who doesn't have any indie polish glitters yet?



  1. What a fun collection! I LOVE Toad-Ally Awesome.

  2. Her polishes are so cute! I knew Dino-Mite Yoshi was going to be my fave! Your swatches are awesome.

  3. lovely collection, I especially loveIt's a Me Mario over the gray, Wicked Wario over that purple, and Go Luigi. The Peachy Princess is so pretty too so girly :)

  4. The Koopa King is Bowser! I'm sure you know him, hehe. I love your combos, theyre brilliant! I just ordered most of these and I can't wait to get them!

    1. Oh, thanks for clearing that up for me!! I think he's in the new disney movie about an arcade game character that wants to do something else other than be in a video game. There's a support group scene with other video game characters, looks funny! I'm glad you got your hands on them too!

  5. I love this collection so much! They're all just slightly unexpected. And I have to say my favourites are exactly the same 3 as you. I was surprised when I got them out and those were the ones that caught my eye. I love your combinations too!

  6. These are way too glittery and happy for me! But your nails are looking gorgeous!


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