Saturday, 25 August 2012

Takko Lacquer Swatches & Review

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Hello ladies!

Guess how I have been spending my Saturday so far? Catching up on SLEEP!

And it has been the best day for swatching ever! The sun was out and everything!!! Oh well, I'll survive.

I went CRAZY when Takko Lacquer opened on Etsy in July; but I held off purchasing for a little over a month, because a) they are $15 a bottle and b) there were no swatches anywhere!
But I talked to Sheryl about placing an order and she was so helpful and let me know that Nails and Noms was working on swatches.
So I waited a little longer and stalked N&N's blog but she was on holiday for ages so I made the gamble and ordered 6/8 Takkos available!
Sheryl was amazing again and gave me a major shipping discount plus threw in my choice of mini polish!

Well, on Tuesday they arrived in my letter box!!!

I had to go to work 10 minutes after the mail man dropped them off and it was so hard for me to walk out the door without them!!! They are truly that amazing. It also helped that N&N posted her review last week as well!!!

So every night I've been working hard at getting them photographed, so I can make you all drool over them!!
All these photos were taken under my lamp and I'll discuss the formula and application at the end of the post this time.

Kaleidoscope Eyes


Kaleidoscope Eyes is a holographic purple/aqua green duochrome. It's probably considered to be a scattered holo, but the shimmer has a very weak linear look under direct light. And this is not spectraflair!!!

I Love Rock 'n Roll


I Love Rock 'n Roll is a warm eggplant purple with purple/pink flake shimmer. It applies quite jelly like and those flakes are awesome.

The Electric Apple: NYC


The Electric Apple: NYC is a medium grey base with golden green shimmer which gives the polish a pronounced sage green tint. Amazingly opaque and unique.



Wanderlust is a beautiful greyed lavender/mauve with blue/green shimmer that reminds me of the colour-shifting pigments. It just glows and sparkles like crazy.

Lemon Macaroon


Lemon Macaroon is a lemon yellow with green and orange shimmer just like Wanderlust. It has a decided green tint in indoor lighting.

Kiss The Sky


Kiss The Sky is basically an opaque Max Factor Fantasy Fire (without the green duochrome shimmer). A vivid purple jelly base with glowing red shimmer like Wanderlust and Lemon Macaroon. Absolutely jaw-droppingly AMAZING!

The Blue Flamingo


The Blue Flamingo just would not photograph right. It's a darker, less aqua blue and the pink flake shimmer (you can spot it on the shadowed side of my nail in the macro shot) is always visible. It is crazy sparkly.

Have you ever seen such an epic inaugural collection before?! 

Now on to the formulas and application:
These are all advertised as solid two coaters. That is quite true, however I applied them in thin coats and found that Lemon Macaroon & The Blue Flamingo looked better with 3 coats. The only one that had VNL was the Blue Flamingo. In the future I might use an undercoat in a similar shade of blue or just some ridge filler to completely hid my smile line!

The formula for Kiss The Sky, Wanderlust and I Love Rock 'n Roll was jelly like only thicker. Very easy to apply. Wanderlust dried to a satin-matte finish.
The Electric Apple: NYC was more like a thickish creme and I could get away with 1 coat - it is that opaque!
The Blue Flamingo was rather sheer but still on the thicker side.
Lemon Macaroon was sort of unique. It wasn't thick or thin and I could only compare the formula to Nicole by OPI  Kim-pletely In Love, only LM applied more even and was easily.
Kaleidoscope Eyes had a formula just like the Enchanted polish multichrome holos; maybe slightly thinner.

Now the only negative thing I have to say about these polishes is there are bits of pigment in a few of the bottles. You can see them and I'm not really sure how to mix them except for giving the bottles a good shake. You can see the dots of darker pigment on my nails in some of the swatches. 
To be honest, it doesn't really bother me because these polishes are so amazing and you don't notice the pigment unless you look up close. Maybe adding a bit of thinner would help dissolve them?

My favourites are Kiss The Sky, Wanderlust, Lemon Macaroon and The Electric Apple: NYC.

Takko Lacquer is currently on vacation mode, but stalk the s*** out of it because everybody needs these polishes! They are completely worth the $15 price point. Also, these are 100% 3-free, vegan, mineral based lacquers with no animal testing - sounds pretty great, no?

Enjoy your weekends!!



  1. Holy shiz, these are incredible!

  2. I love Kiss the Sky and The Blue Flamingo! But they're all gorgeous!

  3. Ooh I am in love with Wanderlust and Kiss the Sky :) Beautiful swatches!

  4. Oh my gosh, these are absolutely stunning!!!! O_O

  5. OH MY GAHHHHH!!! These are absolutely stunning, each one better than the next. I am heading over to etsy right now!! Amazing, amazing swatches!

  6. I like you saw these on Nails on Noms-but days too late. Apparently, the stuff to remake Wanderlust are not to be found and that was one I really wanted! I did get the Electric Apple, the blushing nude and the lemon macaroon. THese are stunning and think I may need that rock n roll purple!

  7. those are amazingly beautiful! I really like them all, and your swatches are perfect.

  8. Lovely swatches...and please stop...I need all of these now! :D

  9. JUST snagged kiss the sky & kaleidoscope eyes! I am hopelessly in love with her polishes.

  10. These are amazing. They may break my bank but, I need them all! :P
    By the way I nominated you for an award here:


  11. i wonder how kiss the sky compares to cult nails flushed!


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