Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dollish Polish Purple Haze

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Purple Haze is 1 of the 4 upcoming releases from Dollish Polish.

Originally, Dolly custom made this for one of her BFFs and it turned out so well that she's added it to her shop. It's release date is TBA. Stay in the loop by following Dollish Polish on Facebook/Twitter.

Dollish Polish Purple Haze



Purple Haze is a sheer, muted mauve/lilac with gold flakies. It's buildable to full coverage at 3 layers. I think it'd also look good with 1 layer over a purple base, but you get the delicate, squishy look when you wear it alone.
Please pardon the hair on my ring finger nail for these pics! The macro shows the flakies off perfectly. Tjey look sither pinky/purple like the polish or that glowing gold and sometimes get a little bit warmer, almost orange. There is also the odd sparkle of green or blue in some lights/angles.
It's just so freaking pretty!
I couldn't get any sunny photos, but PH is a bit warmer/vibrant looking in person. My camera leached a little bit of the colour though.
Application was very good - not at all watery, just right. But if you go for 3 layers it does take a little bit longer to dry/harden than the average creme. I almost always use quick dry drops or quick dry top coat though, so it's not an issue.

Here's some photos of Purple Haze for you to oggle!!

indoors, no flash

macro (shade)

Are you as in love with the Haze as me?



  1. Oh wow, gorgeous polish & pics

  2. So pretty! Love flakes in polish so much.

  3. This is really pretty! The name fits the polish perfectly.

  4. OMG that is beautiful! I'm going to have to stalk her site so I can get my hands on it =)


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