Saturday, 24 September 2011

I Got The Blues... For China Glaze

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Sup polish mavens,

We're having such a sunny Saturday here. How are your weekends going?

I didn't know what to post today so I had a squizz in the vault and found some blue CGs I hadn't posted. Double click the pics for close-ups.

Blue Sparrow 2 coats, indoor lighting

Blue Sparrow 2 coats with topcoat, indoor lighting
Blue Sparrow - from the Ink collection - neon. It's a neon pigmented, medium blue (darker than I expected) and has the exact same formula as Flying Dragon with aqua & medium blue microglitter. Dries matte & a bit gritty, but 1 coat of Seche Vite is all it needs.

Caribbean Blue 2 coats, sunlight

Caribbean Blue 2 coats, shade

Caribbean Blue - from the Bahama Blues collection - is a sky blue with white flecky glitter. Not sure if it is actually glass fleck shimmer or microgliter, but either way it is seriously awesome. I love this! The formula is a teeny bit tricky because it's a bit thick but it evened out with 2 coats.

Dorothy Blue, 3 coats, shade

Dorothy Blue, 3 coats, flash - double click for closeup

Dorothy Who? - is from the Wizard of Ohh Ahhz Returns collection. It is a gorgeous medium blue jelly packed with silver and blue glitter. It goes on so well, especially considering it's a glitter & builds up nicely in 2-3 coats. The VNL isn't obvious in real life. I really love DW?! Something about this shade of blue... an all that glitter!

That's all folks. Except for this: right now I'm wearing OPI San Tan-Tonio with China Glaze White Cap on top, it looks awesome! I don't have a camera right now or I'd show you a pic.



  1. Hi there, lovely swatches. Nice to fine a fellow kiwi :)

  2. Thanks! I really need a better camera, but I spend too much on polish haha:)


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